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The Yale Protein Expression Database (YPED) is an open source system for storage, retrieval, and integrated analysis of large amounts of data from high throughput proteomic technologies. YPED currently handles LCMS, MudPIT, ICAT, iTRAQ, SILAC, 2D Gel and DIGE, Label Free Quantitation (Progenesis), Label Free Quantitation (Skyline), MRM analysis and SWATH This repository contains data sets which have been released for public viewing and downloading by the responsible Primary Investigators.

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YPED Repository Statistics Peptides available for searching: Total/Distinct 5080907/338694
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Project Name Samples Analysis Types Organisms PI
ABRF 2011 sPRG - Round One 1 TargetedProteomics ABRF Colangelo
ABRF Cross-Species Standard SpikeTide Mix 19 LCMS Homo sapiens Christopher Colangelo (ABRF)
Choroid Plexus 2012 282 LCMS Rattus norvegicus Samuel Sathyanesan
Colangelo_PSD_MRM_Manuscript 11 GlobalTargeted, LCMS, TargetedProteomics, xMRM_sMRM Rattus norvegicus Angus Nairn
CSP-alpha regulates dynamin 15 DIGE, ITRAQ4plex, TargetedProteomics Mus musculus Sreeganga Chandra
Data Pre-processing for label-free multiple reaction monitoring (MRM) experiments 2 TargetedProteomics Mus musculus, Rattus norvegicus Christopher Colangelo_PI
Exploring the nicotinic Acetyalcholine Receptor-assopciated proteome with iTRAQ and Transgenic Mice 3 ITRAQ8plex Mus musculus Marina Picciotto
Influenza study 5 LCMS, MUDPIT Homo sapiens, Other Peter Palese
Kal7 Phosphorylation is tissue-specific and responsive to cocaine 0 Betty Eipper
Kal7 phosphorylation sites 33 LCMS Mus musculus, Rattus norvegicus Betty Eipper

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